Thursday, January 31, 2008

Whiting Hits It Big, Sanish Field, Mountrail Co.

Thanks to the reader for finding this Whiting press release. A surprising gas volume in that Liffrig well at 1.7 mmcfd.

BLM Sale Results

Thanks to Larry for digging this up for Mountrail Co. More detailed info later when I have more time.

Parcel 97711 is a 50% interest in 160 acres in Plaza Township: $520/acre, 80 net acres.

Parcel 97712 is a 50% interest in 320 acres in Osloe Township: $520/acre, 160 net acres.

Parcel 97713 is a 50% interest in 156 acres in Kickapoo Township: $387/acre,78 net acres

Parcel 97714 is a 50% interest in 160 acres in Redmond Township: $1,200/acre, 80 net acres.

Parcel 97716 is a 100% interest in 120 acres in Sikes Township: $3,225/acre, 120 net acres.

Parcel 97717 is a 50% interest in 149 acres in Osborn Township: $1,610/ acre, 74.5 net acres

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Parshall Production And Maps

In December, Parshall Field produced about 156K bbls from 14 wells. Gas production for Nov. (Dec. is not in yet) was about 46 mmcfg. The highest gas production was in Aug. when 13 wells produced 70 mmcfg, which also had the highest oil production so far at 190K bbls.

David was kind enough to plot all the wells in the original Parshall Field area and the recent extended Austin area to the North so everyone could reference them.

Monday, January 28, 2008

It's The Fault's Fault

If you recall my discussion of the importance of faults in enhancing natural fracturing in the Murphy Creek area last May, it is theorized that faults serve as a conduit for fluids to migrate along the fault. Those fluids would then dissolve the salt deposits below the Bakken causing the overlying formations, including the Bakken to collapse, which obviously would greatly enhance the fractures.

I theorized (
along with probably untold others) that such a collapse area existed in the Murphy Creek area in west central Dunn Co. due to the presence of the Heart River Fault in the area (one of the few major faults in the Basin), and also because of the anomaly uncovered during the drilling of the Adobe Killdeer Federal wildcat well in 1981. That well almost blew out when it encountered what appeared to be a fracture in the lower Lodgepole.

This fracture system has apparently been confirmed by the first Marathon well to be drilled in the area, th
e Hecker 21-5H, sec. 5, 144N-96W in Dunn Co., which was drilled last year about a mile and a half west of the Adobe well. The Marathon well hit the same "fracture" in the lower Lodgepole at almost the same sub sea depth (6 ft. difference) as was found in the Adobe well. The company ran logs to see what was up with the huge increase in gas and oil shows, but they didn't show any comparable reservoir properties. It was then theorized that the shows were sourced from a "large fracture system below it." The Hecker well was completed for almost 400 bbls/day calculated as an average for seven days of production. Marathon has since drilled two other wells directly offsetting the Hecker well and has more planned.

Indications are that there may be some high volume producers in this area where the fracture system is more extensive or better developed. It's something worth watc
hing to see how it all pans out.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Nightline Tonight

Apparently there will be a ND oil-related topic on ABC's Nightline show tonight. Thanks to the reader who heard about it for passing along the info. ABC usually has an abbreviated version of the news stories they televise on their website if you miss it.

In other news (which most certainly won't be on Nightline ha.), today's Rocky Mountain Oil Journal is reporting that EOG has apparently plugged its McAlmond well about a half-dozen miles NE of the company's Austin wells in Mountrail Co.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Brigham Announces Three Discoveries, Mountrail Co.

Brigham announced three discoveries today, none of which appears to be a barnburner, but they certainly seem economically viable. In fact, they are more in line with an average well in Dunn Co.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

NY Times Finds North Dakota

I guess it should be noted when the New York Times finds something of interest in the state, and particularly when it pertains to its oil patch.