Saturday, December 8, 2007

In The News

The Minot Daily News has a fairly good article mainly about the recent BLM lease sale. The only issue I have is including a map of the entire area where the Bakken is present. The only relevant area of the Bakken, however, is where the formation is deep enough so that heat and pressure caused hydrocarbon generation from the shales. Continental has a good map of that area, although pushing into Stark Co. quite so far is a little aggressive in my opinion.

Then the Missoulian
has an article that mainly tracks the Wall Street Journal article a few years back about Richard Findley. One glaring error is it's statement that "[i]t was Findley's idea to drill a well sideways - a technique called 'horizontal drilling.'" While Findley may have initiated the use of horizontal drilling in the middle Bakken, the drilling technique was used elsewhere in the world before it was ever used in the Bakken, and in any event, it was utilized in the upper Bakken shale in the late 80s and early 90s in ND. They should have confirmed that with Canadian Hunter Expl., as its now defunk subsidiary, American Hunter, lost about $50 million in that little adventure.


Anonymous said...

Hey what do you know about the double fracture thing marathon is doing. was it a smash hit?

Teegue said...

They didn't finish drilling the second well in that unit until fairly recently. There won't be any production info available until about next February.

David said...

Is the well by well initial production data for wells as tey come of the confidential list in the Parshall field available on any on-line site?

Teegue said...

The Rocky Mt. Oil Journal keeps a list of all active wells, and the NDIC Oil & Gas Div. website has them sporatically in their daily reports.