Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Larry's March Scorecard for Mountrail County

At month end there were 24 drilling rigs on location in Mountrail County. EOG 8 rigs; Hess 5 rigs; Whiting 4 rigs; Fidelity 2 rigs; Behm, Brigham, Hunt, Murex, and Slawson 1 rig each.

During March 15 wells were spudded. EOG 4; Hess 5; Whiting 2; Fidelity 2; Behm 0; Brigham 0; Hunt 1; Murex 0; and Slawson 1.

During March NDIC issued 31 new permits to drill. EOG 13 permits in Wayzetta, Austin, Burke, Clearwater, and Ross Townships. Whiting 5 permits in Crane Creek, Osborn, and Knife River Townships. Hess 2 permits in Idaho and Ross Townships. Fidelity 0 permits. Slawson 2 permits in Parshall and Crane Creek Townships. Hunt 2 permits in Oakland and Austin Townships. Murex 1 permit in Sikes. Brigham 1 permit in Alger. Sinclair 2 permits in Burke Township. St Mary 3 permits in Lostwood and Powers Townships.


dBspl said...

Great site!

I noticed the oil permits issued tend to exceed the current number of drilling rigs in the area. I looked at some of the other counties as well, and the same is true.

Does this mean the rig count is expected to go up considerably in those counties the next few months? Or does it just suggest that just becuase an oil permit was issued doesn't necessarily mean a well will be drilled?


Anonymous said...

Most permits eventually get drilled. In my review of Mountrail County permits there are less than 5 permits issued that have been subsquently cancelled.

My observation is there is little rhyme nor reason to the number of permits sought by the drilling companies.

For example, Hess tends to only have 4 or 5 permits undrilled at any given time and Hess has 4 rigs drilling. So Hess only has about a 45 day inventory of permits.

On the other hand EOG has an inventory of about 50 permits that are undrilled and they have 8 rigs operating. It would take EOG almost a year to drill their 50 outstanding permits. And EOG has given no indication they are planning to bring in more rigs.

Anonymous said...

Does anybody have any information on Pioneer Rig #57 that was drilling on EOG evenson well at NWNW Sec 18 150-90. It appeared that they dropped the Derrick when they were lowering it. How long will the rig be out of commission for reparirs.

Anonymous said...

is Petro South doing anything in SD/MONTANA?