Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Larry's June Scorecard for Mountrail County

At month end there were 26 drilling rigs on location in Mountrail County. EOG 8 rigs; Hess 3 rigs; Whiting 5 rigs; Fidelity 2 rigs; Slawson 2 rigs; Brigham, Hunt, Murex, St Mary, Windsor, and Marathon 1 rig each. .

During June 23 wells were spudded. EOG 8; Hess 3; Whiting 3; Fidelity 3; Brigham 1; Hunt 1; Marathon 1; Murex 0; Slawson 2; Sinclair 0; St Mary 1; and Windsor 0.

During June NDIC issued 32 new permits to drill. EOG 6 permits in Austin, Wayzetta, and Burke Townships. Whiting 2 permits in Knife River and Wayzetta Townships. Hess 6 permits in James Hill, Debing, and Idaho Townships. Fidelity 3 permits in Alger, Purcell, and Powers Township. Slawson 2 permit in Van Hook and James Hill Township. Hunt 3 permits in Austin Township. Murex 0 permits. Brigham 4 permits in Burke and Alger Townships. Sinclair 1 permit in Crane Creek Township. St Mary 0 permits. Windsor 1 permit in Austin Township. Lario 4 permits in Alger Township.


Anonymous said...

Was wondering if Murex is moving a 2nd rig into Mountrail County? Seem to have lost track of a Murex rig that was in Renville. Only see one rig called RED HAWK 351 now in Renville.
Does anybody know of an extra rig?

Just wondering,


Anonymous said...


I have a share of 1800 acres in Montrail County that includes a very small portion of Stanley, ND. Do you know about any activity in the area and would you (or anyone else) know what leases are going for in this area?

Anirban said...

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