Sunday, September 7, 2008

Larry's August Scorecard For Mountrail Co.

At month end there were 28 drilling rigs on location in Mountrail County. EOG 7 rigs; Hess 4 rigs; Whiting 5 rigs; Fidelity 2 rigs; Slawson 2 rigs, Hunt 2 rigs, Brigham, Murex, Windsor, Sinclair, Oasis, and Marathon 1 rig each.

During August 22 wells were spudded. EOG 7; Hess 3; Whiting 3; Fidelity 2; Brigham 1; Hunt 2; Marathon 1; Murex 0; Slawson 2; Sinclair 1; St Mary 0; Oasis 0; and Windsor 0.

During August NDIC issued 29 new permits to drill. EOG 7 permits in Parshall, Austin, Wayzetta, Oakland, Ross, and Purcell Townships. Whiting 2 permits in Crane Creek and Osborn Townships. Hess 5 permits in Rat Lake, 154-94, Alger, and Powers Lake Townships. Fidelity 0 permits. Slawson 6 permits in Van Hook, Lostwood, and James Hill Townships. Hunt 0 permits. Murex 0 permits. Brigham 0 permits. Sinclair 1 permit in Burke Township. St Mary 0 permits. Windsor 1 permit in Wayzetta Township. Lario 1 permit in Burke Township. Oasis 2 permits in Ross and Cottonwood Townships. Encore 3 permits in Stave and Lowland Townships. Marathon 1 permit in Big Bend Township.


Anonymous said...

What about Dunn, don't they drill oil there too?

Anonymous said...

For something a little different...

CDB for President!

Anonymous said...

why isn't there more drilling in Burke Co.? Why isn't Fidelity doing more drilling>

Anonymous said...

"""What about Dunn, don't they drill oil there too?""""

My vested interests are in Mountrail County so that is why I follow the activity there.

If someone wants to do a similar report for the other counties, I am sure Teegue will put it on the blog.