Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Larry's September Scorecard For Mountrail Co.

At month end there were 28 drilling rigs on location in Mountrail County. EOG 8 rigs; Hess 4 rigs; Whiting 5 rigs; Fidelity 3 rigs; Slawson 2 rigs, Hunt 2 rigs, Murex, Windsor, Oasis, and Marathon 1 rig each. .

During September 20 wells were spudded. EOG 6; Hess 4; Whiting 3; Fidelity 1; Brigham 0; Hunt 1; Marathon 1; Murex 1; Slawson 1; Sinclair 0; St Mary 0; Oasis 1; and Windsor 1.

During September NDIC issued 29 new permits to drill. EOG 8 permits in Parshall, Austin, Van Hook, Burke, and Sidonia Townships. Whiting 5 permits in Crane Creek, Knife River, and Sikes Townships. Hess 4 permits in 153-93, Ross, James Hill, and Sorkness Townships. Fidelity 3 permits in Brookbank, Purcell, and Powers Townships. Slawson 3 permits in Parshall and James Hill Townships. Hunt 2 permits in Oakland Township. Murex 0 permits. Brigham 1 permit in Oakland Township. Sinclair 0 permits. St Mary 0 permits. Windsor 0 permits. Lario 0 permits. Oasis 3 permits in 153-93, 153-94, and Rat Lake Townships. Encore 0 permits. Marathon 0 permits.


Anonymous said...

Where were Brighams rigs?

Anonymous said...

Brigham appears to have 2 rigs going currently.

One is in Williams County and the other is in McKenzie County.

Anonymous said...

Recalling the quick exit of drilling inthe 80's, what can Bakken expect with the recent drop in oil prices? I hear $50 pbb is the number to be wary of.
Any thoughts on this?

John said...

Actually, back then (80's) it dipped to like $30 a barrel if I remember correctly. Reason being, OPEC figured they had to keep oil so cheap that it would be cheaper for US to buy from THEM, than to drill it ourself.

But with oil having dropped below $70 a barrel yesterday, (10/17/08) OPEC was getting edgy, mentioning that they might have to CUT production to bring prices back UP.

I guess they don't like others stealing their thunder.

Good to see were starting to, at least marginally, to put our own resources to work.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like Continental Res is focusing its drilling efforts in the three forks. Anyone got any more news on this?

Unknown said...

the best info i have seen on this is right from the continental website. they also have a panel discussion and a seperate presentaion for those interested.