Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Larry's October Scorecard For Mountrail Co.

At month end there were 29 drilling rigs on location in Mountrail County. EOG 8 rigs; Hess 5 rigs; Whiting 3 rigs; Fidelity 3 rigs; Slawson 2 rigs, Hunt 2 rigs, Oasis 2 rigs, Murex, Windsor, Sinclair, and Marathon 1 rig each.

During October 25 wells were spudded. EOG 8; Hess 5; Whiting 0; Fidelity 3; Brigham 0; Hunt 2; Marathon 1; Murex 1; Slawson 2; Sinclair 1; St Mary 0; Oasis 2; and Windsor 0.

During October NDIC issued 21 new permits to drill. EOG 5 permits in Fertile, Burke, and Wayzetta Townships. Whiting 1 permit in Crane Creek Township. Hess 4 permits in Rat Lake, Idaho, Ross, and Powers Lake Townships. Fidelity 1 permit in Knife River Township. Slawson 0 permits. Hunt 2 permits in Oakland and Clearwater Townships. Murex 1 permit in Purcell Township. Brigham 1 permit in Alger Township. Sinclair 1 permit in Rat Lake Township. St Mary 0 permits. Windsor 1 permit in Osborn Township. Lario 0 permits. Oasis 1 permit in Sorkness Township. Encore 0 permits. Marathon 1 permit in Big Bend Township. Cirque 1 permit in Fertile Township. Duncan 1 permit in Idaho Township.


Anonymous said...

Hey Larry at the end of the year are you going to do a year end report stating how many rigs in progress? How may wells spudded for the year and ect. Like you did on the monthly report? That would be awesome if you did. Keep up the great work. M

Anonymous said...

which township in burke county was issued drilling permits?

Anonymous said...

Preliminary data for the month of September indicates that Mountrail county produced 1, 734,304 bbl of oil in September, over 400,000 bbl ahead of the Bowman county total of 1,291,868 bbls. Bowman county is now in 2nd place.

Mountrail county production now represents just over 30 % of the total September 08 ND production of 5,647,387 bbls.

Most interestingly, 570,429 bbls of the Mountrail county production representing just shy of one-third of the entire September 08 Mountrail county production came from just 24 recently drilled confidential wells (all but 4 EOG-drilled) in Parshall (4), Wayzetta (8), Austin (8), Shell(2) Burke (1) and Van Hook (1)Townships. These 24 wells that were still confidential in September 08 represent over 10 percent of the entire oil production for the state of ND in September of 08 based on the "runs" data.

This is nothing short of amazing.

Stay tuned!


Willy said...

The price of oil has dropped drastically. Does this mean that drilling in the bakken will slow? Or does it mean that cost of drilling will be reduced because of reduced fuel expenses?