Sunday, April 5, 2009

Larry's March Scorecard For Mountrail Co.

At month end there were 23 drilling rigs on location in Mountrail County. EOG 8 rigs; Hess 4 rigs; Whiting 5 rigs; Fidelity, Hunt, Slawson, Murex, Sinclair, and Marathon 1 rig each. .

During March 22 wells were spudded. EOG 10; Hess 4; Whiting 2; Fidelity 1; Brigham 0; Hunt 1; Marathon 1; Murex 1; Slawson 1; Sinclair 1; St Mary 0; Oasis 0; and Windsor 0.

During March NDIC issued 15 new permits to drill. EOG 7 permits in Fertile, Burke, Liberty, Sidonia, and Ross Townships. Whiting 3 permits in Brookbank and Crane Creek Townships. Hess 1 permit in Idaho Township. Fidelity 0 permits. Marathon 0 permits. Slawson 1 permit in James Hill Township. Hunt 1 permit in Oakland Township. Murex 0 permits. KGX 2 permits in Liberty Township. Brigham 0 permits. Sinclair 0 permits. St Mary 0 permits. Windsor 0 permits. Lario 0 permits. Oasis 0 permits. Encore 0 permits. Cirque 0 permits. Duncan 0 permits. Stephens 0 permits. Windsor 0 permits.


Anonymous said...

Though the rig count is down, interesting that the number of wells spud is back to about where it was last fall and summer.

Permits are down considerably, though.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone heard what the next location will be for the Sinclair Patterson 167 rig?

Anonymous said...

Anyone know if there is any oil activity on or near Sec. 30 & 31, Twp 155, Range 89 or if anything is coming up there in near future?