Wednesday, May 30, 2007

EOG Fire And Some Impressive Production Figures

Apparently a fire injured seven men during completion activities on the EOG Zacker 1-24H location in Parshall Field, Mountrail County.

In other EOG news, their Patten 1-02H well, sec. 2, T152, R90, Mountrail Co., produced 13,500 bbls during the month of March. The company's Warberg 14-33H produced 10,664 bbls during the same month.

Ansbro had some serendipitous success in finding good Madision production in Willmen Field, Dunn Co., after finding encouraging shows during their Bakken drilling program in the area. Their Griggs 1-9, NW 1/4 sec 9, T142, R97, produced 8,600 bbls during March from the Madison. One of Ansbro's rigs has been dedicated to drilling Madison wells recently, and the company is currently drilling a Madison well to the west in Hungary Man Butte Field in Billings Co. The company has about a half dozen Madison wells staked in the area.

Marathon has added a third rig to their Bakken program. The company is drilling at the Nelson 14-33H, sec. 33, T155, R94 in Mountrail Co utilizing Patterson rig 183. Their two other rigs are drilling in the Bailey Field area of Dunn Co.

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