Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Ansbro To Reenter Last Year's Blowout/Fire Hole

Ansbro plans to reenter the Kadrmas 41-1H, sec 1, T143, R98, Billings Co., in the next few days or week to retrieve some lost junk that was left in the hole. They also plan to finish drilling the second half of the southwest lateral that was aborted after getting about halfway to its planned terminus when it became unsafe to continue drilling because of the pressure and flow of oil and gas encountered during trips. The well was drilled last summer and caught fire after taking a kick that couldn't be controlled while drilling the curve for the first lateral and a replacement rig had to be brought in. Thus, this will be the third rig to set up on this location.

The southeast lateral was drilled to its maximum length but has never been opened because the junk pre
vented the removal of the whipstock and bridge plug that a workover rig attempted to remove after the pressure subsided some this past winter. This is Ansbro's best Bakken well and has produced almost 55k bbls as of this April, which is quite impressive considering all that production came from only 2,600 ft of lateral. Ansbro has since switched to single lateral holes that transverse two sections.

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