Friday, June 29, 2007

Another New Player Plans Remote Wildcats, Dunn Co.

Tracker Resource Development of Denver has requested that two 1280 acre drilling units be created in secs. 1 and 12, T.144, R.94, and secs. 12 and 13, T.143, R.94, Dunn Co. This area of interest is in two sparsely drilled townships, neither of which have producing wells. Closest Bakken activity to the area in 144-94 is about twelve miles to the west at Murphy Creek Field and about six miles to the north at Bailey Field. The other drilling unit request in 143-94 is about seven miles due south of the first area.

This activity is about six miles north/northeast of the recent wildcat activity planned by Penn Virginia in 142-94 and 95 (see 6/04 post). Penn Virginia has since staked these wells and plans to drill the well in secs. 10 and 15, 142-95, first. The company also plans to core the Bakken section in this well and the one planned in McKenzie Co, and stated that it will not hold back spending money to study and hopefully make the Bakken work in these areas.

If any of these wells prove to be commercial, it will likely instigate large scale development of this previously unproductive area of the Williston Basin.

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