Monday, September 24, 2007

Whiting Putting The Feet To The Hole, Mountrail Co.

Last spring, Whiting O&G drilled a combined 21,214 ft. of hole in three laterals extending from a single vertical wellbore at its Perry State 11-25H in sec. 25, T.153, R.92, Mountrail Co. This should cast away any doubt that the company is doing its best to effectively drain this laydown 1280 acre unit. The well was completed for 1,081 bbls/day last May and has produced about 57K bbls up to and including July. In July, it produced about 14K bbls. The company last week spudded what is presumed to be another tri-lateral well about three miles to the east at the Liffrig 11-27H, sec 27, 153N, 91W. This activity is about six miles west of activity in Parshall Field.

Over at Parshall Field, EOG has completed the Zacker 1-24H, sec 24, 153N, 90W, in June for 870 bbls/day. During June and July the well produced a total of around 50K bbls.


Anonymous said...


The Liffrig 11-27H sec 27 153, 91W is six miles west of Parshall Field

GLL Plaza/Parshall boy

Teegue said...

It most certainly is. Thanks for the correction.