Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Marathon Attempting The Double Frac, Dunn Co.

During a recent presentation, Marathon indicated (what I have suspected for some time) that they are planning to simultaneously fracture the laterals on the experimental two-well units that they recently received permission to establish. (see 7/16 post). This procedure, whereby both laterals are fraced at the same time to more effectively "bust up" the formation, especially in the area between the two laterals, reportedly has had some impressive success in the Barnett Shale in TX. In my opinion, this procedure has the potential to significantly transform this play, and may be the most useful technique in the Bakken since the advent of horizontal drilling itself. MOC is currently drilling on the Beck lease in Bailey Field in Dunn Co., where they presumably are going to utilize this procedure. Let's hope it's a smashing success (pun intended).

The company also had a few slides with general information that touted their efficiencies, and of interest, their determination that about two-thirds of their acreage appears to be drillable.

And a recent pic of their new office/shop complex just
north of Dickinson.


Unknown said...

I would be interested in seeing this presentation. Is it publicly available and if so, where could I find it? Thanks

Teegue said...

Marathon website, if it's still there (this was the only Bakken info in the presentation).