Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Murex Finds Strong Producer, Sanish/Parshall Area

A reader left the following comment concerning the NDIC hearing held today to determine temporary spacing for the Murex well in sec. 36, 154N-91W, Mountrail Co. The well is about 3-4 miles northwest of activity in the "south" Parshall Field area and about the same distance southwest of activity in the "Austin" area.

Hearing today, Feb 27,08 at the ND Oil and Gas ..the Murex Petroleum portion. You will all be interested in knowing that the Jacob Daniel, (Sec 36, 154-91) the last 45 days has averaged 785 bbl's of crude oil [per day]... the production chart per day (45 days)they presented is in a flat line.. this is without a frac job. They will do the frac later once the pressure drops some, but maybe not they said.

What is really interesting is that they could not drill the whole 2 mile leg, only about a 3/4 mile one, they just about lost the well, (blow out)so quit drilling and will go back and extend the leg when they feel it is safe to do so. [Ansbro had the same problem a couple years back, lost the rig in a blowout/rig fire and then couldn't finish the lateral with a different rig because of safety concerns: 7/11/07 post].


Anonymous said...

Any idea to how there coming up with the names for wells in that area (Jacob Daniel, Shannon Duane, Blake Tyler)

Anonymous said...

I noticed one of the wells that Marathon drilled on the same section Beck 8-146-94 is off of confidential status. The other does not come off until late March does anyone know how this new approach worked ? I think Teegue wrote about this a couple of times last year, but I have not heard anything since.

Anonymous said...

Murex has drilled at least 8, maybe 12 bakken wells in the Tioga area. They name them all with a first name and middle name of a person with the company. I think they started out with the office staff names, and are now using other names of personnel with the company.

They requested the name "Chandler Bakken" for their field in Sykes Township Mountrail County yesterday. The field will consist of 16 1280 acre drilling units, all on the East side of Sykes.

When the Oil and Gas Commission asked the rep. of Murex how the Rich Clair looked, his answer was that "its good!, but as you know, it it still on confidential statis!!"