Monday, February 25, 2008


The 02/12 "In The News" post has been updated with a Barron's article about the Bakken (thanks Nick).


Anonymous said...

I am hearing from the locals in Mountrail County the drillers are curtailing oil production because there is a lack of pipeline capacity to move the oil.

Is there are any truth to that?

Anonymous said...

There is NO Pipeline in N.D.
There is NO Refinery in N.D.
The oil is trucked out of State.
Is the pipeline problem elsewhere?
They are scrambling to get a Natural Gas Pipeline up.
I think theres also a problem with Water, Roads, Electrity, Lodging, Dining, Employees.

Teegue said...

Anon: you may want to check your sources about there being no pipelines or refineries in the state, as you are more than a little off with your statements.

Anonymous said...

I would say to anon 10:04PM above that he sure must not know anything about ND. We need 3000 oilfield workers. Move here, Net $80,000.00 working in the oilfield, and learn about the area before you start spouting of about something you know nothing about!!!

Anonymous said...

OK, I know enough!!!
My pipeline comment was a bit off, and the refinery comment not so much. I'll stick to the rest of my statements. Don't want to upset the herd. Think maybe you should do alittle research of your own too.

Anonymous said...

I beleive there is a pipeline capacity issue, and there is certainly a refinery in the state.