Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Larry's May Scorecard for Mountrail County

It's a little early this month, but the remaining days will be added to the June summary.

At month end there were 24 drilling rigs on location in Mountrail County. EOG 8 rigs; Hess 3 rigs; Whiting 5 rigs; Fidelity 2 rigs; Brigham, Hunt, Murex, Sinclair, Slawson, and Windsor 1 rig each.

During May 17 wells were spudded. EOG 7; Hess 2; Whiting 3; Fidelity 1; Brigham 1; Hunt 1; Murex 0; Slawson 1; Sinclair 0; and Windsor 1.

During May NDIC issued 18 new permits to drill. EOG 8 permits in Parshall, Austin, Van Hook, Wayzetta, Oakland and Shell Townships. Whiting 4 permits in Knife River and Osborn Townships. Hess 1 permit in James Hill Township. Fidelity 2 permits in Powers Township. Slawson 1 permit in Van Hook Township. Hunt 0 permits. Murex 1 permit in Sikes. Brigham 0 permits. Sinclair 0 permits. St Mary 0 permits. Windsor 1 permit in Austin Township. Oasis 1 permit in Cottonwood Township.


Anonymous said...

I need the name of a good oil and gas lawyer in ND. Have land in Mountrail. Hess wants to lay pipeline across. Does my lease keep me from doing pipeline, seismograph, etc? I don't see exclusive rights for that in the lease.

Anonymous said...

Two wells came of confidential in 154 94 any info. for me about there production. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Just noticed They did not come off confidential. Sorry

Anonymous said...

Whats a good Royalty right now.
Is 1/6th the Norm.
Is 20% out of the question??

Anonymous said...

Plus don't forget the video link to the right.

Unknown said...

Number is now 25 rigs in Mountrail,
Spud 6-1....St, Mary's
North Dakota
St. Mary Land & Expl. Rystedt 4-11H
nw-nw 11-158n-92w PD tight hole 05/14/08