Wednesday, May 28, 2008

XTO Finds Some Loose Change

XTO apparently had about $1.85 billion lying around (a little over half in cash) to acquire Headington's Bakken producing and non-producing properties. Whatever Headington received, they deserved it for having the foresight to be one of the original players in MT and also in ND.

The Details from XTO


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know about planned drilling in Montana? Dawson county?

Unknown said...

You have to wonder where Headington oil will go now???
what new area will they open up??

Anonymous said...

You just have to think that Brigham and Northern will be snapped up or at least in Brigham's case sell off most if not all of their Bakken holdings. They simple don't have the case available to develop this quickly.

Sure would be nice to get some results out on the wells being completed.