Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Ansbro Plans More Drilling In Russian Creek/Willmen Area

Ansbro Pet. has moved one of the rigs in their two rig Bakken program onto the Heiser Trust location in sec. 3, 141N-95W in Dunn Co. The company has also applied for two additional 1280 acre drilling units on the crest of the NW trending Russian Creek Anticline, which extends to Willmen Field about six miles to the NW. The new drilling unit requests are for secs. 23 and 24, 142N-97W and sec 7, 141N-95W and sec 12, 141N-96W. The company has received approval for a number of 1280 drilling units in the area on the flank of the anticline, but it remains to be seen whether they will be drilled as the company seems to be concentrating it drilling effort to those units on the apex of the nose. Ansbro has recently switched from dual lateral horizontal wells to a single two mile long laterals in an effort to reduce costs.

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