Tuesday, March 20, 2007

That Flare

The picture of the flare on the right side of the blog header was taken during the drilling process of EOG's Parshall 2-36H well in Mountrail Co. EOG has discovered the best mid-Bakken field in the state and currently has two rigs running in the area with a dozen or more wells staked and about four or five already drilled and producing. Some of the wells had initial gauges well over 1k bbls/day, which is attributed to a NE/SW trending fault trend in the area. It's not uncommon to have very extensive oil and gas flows on some of the best wells in the Basin when the lateral is drilled, and especially during trips and connections. Sometimes the pressure and flow is difficult to control, and blowouts are certainly a risk.

Bakken oil is generally green or yellowish in color as evidenced by the shows encountered while PDC drilled the lateral in the Connolly 34-35H well in Bailey Field NE of Killdeer last fall.

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