Wednesday, March 21, 2007

It's Whopper Time In Charlson Field

Petro-Hunt has hit gold at its USA 2D-3-1H well in sec. 2, T153-R95 in McKenzie Co. The horizontal well was completed in Oct. 2006 for 729 bbls oil/day, 785 mcf/day, and only 2 bbls water/day. Currently, it is still producing over 700 bbls/day, 875 mcf/day and virtually no water. To date the well has produced just over 80k bbls oil, almost 96 mmcfg, and 35 bbls of water, and has likely pretty much paid for itself in six months. The interesting aspect of this well is it is reported to be completed in the Three Forks formation (and likely in the Sanish Sand zone), which is the formation immediately underlying the Bakken formation. Most field orders regarding the Bakken define the "Bakken Pool" as 50 ft. above the top of the Bakken and 50 ft. below the top of the Three Forks. This is due to fractures which extend from the Bakken into the adjoining formations and the entire section is considered to be productive from the Bakken.

Hunt has indicated that the well is in the Bakken pool, so it can be assumed that the lateral is within 50 ft below the bottom of the Bakken formation. If that is the case, it is interesting that the company chose to place the wellbore in the Sanish Sand instead of the mid-Bakken. Regardless, it certainly appears to have been a wise decision. It will be interesting if other companies try this strategy and test the productive extent of the Sanish Sand in this area.

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