Thursday, June 21, 2007

Burlington Plans (Lots) More Drilling Too; Marathon Plans Rank Wildcats In Mountrail Co., Hunt Offsets Exceptional Well In Charlson Field

Burlington Res. (subsidiary of Conoco/Phillips) indicates that they will bring in a fourth rig in its ongoing Bakken development program mainly occurring in Dunn Co. The company recently permitted two new wildcats in Dunn Co., north and northwest of its current activity in the Oakdale area of the county: the State Jorgenson 14-5H, sec. 5,148N-97W, and the Schettler 34-5H, sec. 5,147N-96W.

Marathon is kicking things in high gear with a number of new permits recently, two of which are in a virtually undrilled township in Mountrail County: the Shobe 24-20H, sec. 20,151N-93W, and the Bottleson 34-22H, sec. 22,151N-93W.

Petro-Hunt is drilling at the
USA 11B-2-2H in sec. 11, 153N, 95W in McKenzie Co. This is a south offset to the company's consistent 700 bbl/day well drilled late last year in Charlson Field to the north in sec. 2 that is the best Bakken producing well in the state. In about six months we should know whether its prolific Sanish Sand well in sec. 2 is a fluke, or an find that deserves a lot of attention.

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