Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Low Murmur Of Excitement Begins To Build

It appears that people are beginning to realize that this thing is going to a significant event, at least in some select areas of the state.

“It’s just incredible what’s going on there (in Mountrail) and Dunn County,” Ness said.

And the boom in gas processing plants in the state:


Anonymous said...

So what are reasonable terms for a bonus/royalty mineral lease agreement in Mountrail. T151N, 93W, NE part of township.

And, is there one preferable company to go with (e.g. Marathon, EOG etc)?

Any assistance is appreciated.

Anonymous said...

There may some useful information for you at the NARO website(google NARO). Try to get 1/5 royalty.

Teegue said...

Yeah, 20% should be attainable, but you may have to take less bonus to get that. Bonus of 200 or more and 20% sounds good.