Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Rig Count Keeps Climbing

With the state rig count having risen to 55, that is the highest number in over two decades. All except maybe a dozen of those (including a rank test way over east in Wells Co.) are exploiting the Bakken. Mountrail Co. currently has fifteen of those rigs and EOG remains very active in that county with six rigs, and Hess, Whiting, and Hunt each adding a few each. A dozen rigs are in Dunn Co., with Marathon utilizing six of those and Continental and Burlington using another four. In fact, there recently was an article about H & P's new flex rigs being used by Marathon. bismarcktribune.com

In a related note, EOG is requesting its first 1280 acre unit within Parshall Field that is to encompass secs. 2 and 3, 152N, 90W, in Mountrail Co. There already are existing producers in each of these sections on 640 acre spacing, the Patten and Bartelson wells, which have produced 68K and 112K, respectively, through this past August.


Anonymous said...

What would EOG's request for 1280 spacing mean for the Patten and Bartelson wells already producing. I'm assuming they want to put another well on the proposed unit.

Teegue said...

Good question, but will probably have to wait to learn the answer. I assume several possibilities. One, that they are planning infill drilling with some type of dual lateral configuration that can somehow fit within the two existing wells that have laterals already cutting through the middle of those two sections (seems unlikely). Two, that they are planning to drill a long lateral in the Sanish Sand zone that lies immediately below the lower Bakken Shale (where it is present), but which is still classified as being in the "Bakken Pool." Or three, none of the above.