Monday, October 15, 2007

Some Recent Parshall Completions

EOG has completed the Hoff 1-10H, sec. 10, 152N, 90W, in Mountrail Co. for 1,678 bbls/day and a little over a half million cfg/day. This well has produced 66K bbls from June through August of this year. The company also completed the N&D 1-05H in sec. 5 of the same township for 1,285 bbls and 404 mcfg/day. The well made just over 53K for the two months of July and August. Total field production up to and including August from wells off confidential status is just over 800K bbls.

Also, of interest, an article about leasing in western Ward County:


Anonymous said...

Alot of talk about oil, but isn't this a large volume of gas being produced for this field? Maybe the numbers are wrong? Can anyone give a little more insight to gas? Thanks

Teegue said...

Thirteen wells in Parshall Field produced a little over 50 mmcfg during Oct. Gas sales are expected to start in Feb. or March of 08.